Accelerate your career by becoming a confident and competent speaker

You cannot progress in your career without being able to speak well. You need to be able  to convey accurate and important information AND you also need to engage your audience’s emotions so that they really care about your message. I want to help you learn to do this without having to make too many mistakes along the way!

As we become more educated, there is a tendency for information to be presented to us in rather dull and complex ways. Many oral presentations are indeed so boring that the biggest challenge for the audience is to stay awake and most of the detail is lost on them. In some disciplines, it is common for the ‘speaker’ to stand up and read from a script full of large words whilst in other disciplines, many speakers present complex tables and graphics with tiny labels that not even those in the front row can read. But neither of these approaches is  effective and there is really no need for even the most serious of subjects to be presented in a boring way.

In every walk of life, telling a story is the very best way of communicating, if you want to connect to your audience and have them remember what you said.  A story immediately creates a context and even if some of the detail is forgotten, the audience will remember the story.

As Tim O’Brien, an American author so aptly says: ‘Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is’ 

So ‘finding your personal story’ and using stories in your presentations is one of the key themes I use in my training. There is currently one online course on offer that you can preview on my course website but there will be a new blog (about) every week on this site that will offer different insights into speaking and plenty of tips and tricks.

This website is for anyone who would like to give better presentations but it is particularly suited to professionals and academics or students because it focuses on how to deliver accurate and appropriate information as well as how to be entertaining.

Learn how to adapt your talks so that they suit each individual occasion and audience mix. Learn how to give a truly great presentation.


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