Sustained development of effective oral communication skills in postgraduate students

Dr Judy Ford is passionately committed to the development of communication skills in students and I see this demonstrated in my Division with her work across a wide range of disciplines but also especially her work with my own HDR students.

Outcome of her work are a cohort of HDR students who are able to communicate well both orally and in written form. Her skills are evidenced in her ability to prepare a group of Divisional HDR students for the recent 3 Minute Thesis competition. I was impressed with the way she took three students who did not have English as their first language and gave them support and skills, harnessing their passion in research, and allowing them to express this to an audience of senior academics.

Professor Jill Slay AM, PhD, FACS, CP, MIEEE, CISSP

Dean: Research & Professor of Forensic Computing (UniSA, August 2011)

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